Delicate, yet determined.  
The process in which I work is estimated and streamlined, and through this extensive process comes a new understanding. There is something inspiring about working with my hands. It’s refreshing how malleable and textural the material becomes, combined with the ability to create something without boundaries, beyond the limits of the material itself. Branching out from solely 2D work originally, my work now has become an extension of myself, creating abstract, sculptural, non-figure self portraits. Focusing on the textures and forms that appear in nature and molding them with a strong foundation, I create ceramic vessels, both functional and decorative. My unique cocoon work represents the moment of limbo in between the life and death of a natural being. The textures fold over one another, frozen in time, stuck between the process of growing and decaying. These pieces are created with an aim to motivate the viewer to think of their own "cocoon" or forms of comfort and protection in life, remember their foundation and childhood, and become inspired.

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